A Brief History of the Wedding Invitation

Some of you may know this, but for those of you who don’t, I am obsessed with history. There’s something fascinating about going back in time and examining how people did things back then. How they dressed, spoke, their manners, and just how they maneuvered in general. One thing in particular that I love researching is how correspondence was handled back then. Take wedding invitations for instance (nice transition, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). The history of the wedding invitation is quite an interesting one. In 15th century England, before they were printed by hand or press, the Town Crier would be tasked with walking about the streets and announcing wedding details for all to hear. Flash forward a couple hundred years and the announcement style would change to various paper mediums via Calligraphy, printing-press, engraving, and thermography. All of these styles, plus many more, are still common today. 

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When the transition came about for wedding invitations to be printed, the custom was for the invitation to be hand-delivered by courier to the house butler. In this time, invitations were mainly used by the well-to-do as a way to be distinguished from commoners, who were oftentimes illiterate. Once the butler received the invitation, it was then removed from its outer envelope and presented on a silver tray to the master or mistress of the house, still enclosed in its inner envelope (fancy, right?!). The envelope would then be opened, revealing the invitation covered with a light tissue. The purpose of the tissue was to prevent the ink from smudging as it was likely printed and delivered in haste and not fully dried. This technique was abandoned in later years as printing options became more sophisticated, although some traditional brides still like the tissue feature as an ode to “the olden days”. I know I did! 

Flash forward to today, where most brides and grooms prefer more contemporary-style wedding invitations. While some traditional features still remain, things have evolved quite a bit. Most invitations nowadays are ordered online and printed digitally which allows for printing en masse. Some are even sent virtually via e-mail or through other online communications.

Although wedding invitation techniques have come a long way, one thing still remains certain. The way you decide to announce your wedding to your family and friends truly sets the tone for your wedding event. So, be sure to plan out your invitation carefully and thoroughly. This will be the first impression that your guests have of your wedding, so let’s make it a lasting one. I think Penned by Pink can help with that ๐Ÿ˜‰ We hope to hear from you on how we can make that first impression an incredible one!

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