National Stationery Show 2019

Two weekends ago I had both the honor and privilege of attending the 73rd annual National Stationery Show in NYC. Now let me preface this post by telling you how I’ve been fan-girling this show for about the past 5 years. I’m a paper junkie and I absolutely love stationery — wedding stationery, social stationery, journals, notebooks, whatever! This has been an obsession since childhood, so NSS and I are a match made in stationery heaven! 

When registration opened last year, I finally decided that I would take the leap and attend the show. It was perfect timing since I was in the beginning stages of creating my new business venture, Love Always Stationery Co. Between LA Stationery and Penned by Pink, NSS would be the perfect opportunity to meet vendors that I’ve worked with for years, as well as build relationships with new ones that could help propel my businesses in 2019 and beyond.

So, flash forward to the weekend of February 3rd. My husband/side-kick and I jumped on a bus and headed to the Big Apple for a couple days to explore the city and find out what NSS had to offer. From the moment we arrived at Jacob Javits Convention Center, I was in awe! We got to walk the pink carpet through the center up to the registration desk where the super helpful staff were ready to assist with anything you needed. From there, we hit the show floor where we found hundreds and hundreds of stationery vendors that all had something we needed.

I was a woman on a mission! Here’s a tip for anyone planning to attend the show in the future. Utilize the app that NSS makes available to buyers and attendees. From here, you can scout who will be at the show and use the planner feature to schedule meet-ups with them. I planned out each day that we would be there and it was a tremendous help. I had my top 5-10 vendors that I wanted to visit, so I made sure to get them out of the way first. I headed over to their super luxe booths and chatted them up for 20 minutes, and sometimes half an hour or more. They could tell that I was excited to work with them, and I knew the feelings were mutual. Within the first few hours there, I had literally found just about everything I had come to see! What a sense of relief! It was now time to enjoy the rest of the show and finally meet up with some of my stationery sisters!

I’ve been blessed to encounter and befriend some amazing people in this industry. When I found out that some of my fellow stationery designers would be attending NSS, we used that as an opportunity to meet up, grab lunch or dinner, and just share stories about our experiences and business plans for the future. This was definitely one of my highlights of this trip! These women are so genuine and down to earth, and that is not an easy thing to come by! I’m really looking forward to the next time we can meet up!

All in all, my first NSS experience was a huge success! I was sad to have to leave, but also motivated to return home and begin putting everything that I learned into motion. We are looking forward to purchasing the products that we selected for the new online store, and to partnering with some of the amazing vendors and attendees that we met. At this point, I’m just counting down to the 300+ days until the next show! Because I will be there with bells on!

If you’ll be attending in the future, feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions about the registration process, what to expect, or anything NSS related!  I’d love to help if I can, or point you in the direction of someone else if I can’t.

Talk to you soon, and love you always!

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